Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Christmas Upcycling idea - gift tags from used Christmas crackers

Christmas Upcycling idea - gift tags from used Christmas crackers

Hello everyone,

Today I have been doing a little upcycling. Instead of throwing away some Christmas crackers I decided to use them as gift tags.

The cardboard that crackers are made from is sturdy enough to be used as tags and colourful enough that they make very jolly tags on their own. I used a little star hole punch to create a hole in the top of each tag, a regular hole punch can be used but I just love how festive the Star looks.

Finally I used my favourite Merry Christmas stamp on the back of the tags while leaving enough room to write the name of the person I'm giving the gift to.

On most types of cracker a small piece of string or ribbon is used as decoration so these are perfect for threading through the holes and using to tie your tags to the presents. I used this on a couple of the gift tags below.

These tags are made from scraps of card from three different crackers. By using patterns which compliment each other even a simple shape like the circles I have used here can look like a stylish addition to the basic gift tag shape.

These four gift tags are all made from the same cracker. The cracker was fully patterned so I cut out the best parts of the picture for each tag and didn't need to add any more embellishments. Not bad for something we would normally throw away after finishing off our Christmas pudding.

To cut out my gift tags by using my Fiskars Shape boss set since I found a really useful gift tag shape template. Don't worry if you don't have such a shape cutter. Why not take a gift tag you have and draw around it on the back of the cracker to give you the shape and size and cut them out.

If you'd like to make your own just save those crackers after your Christmas dinner and you'll have a whole lot of pretty coloured card ready to use. The card will have a little curve in it since crackers are bent into a circle but this will be easy to get out by storing the card flat and perhaps putting a heavy book on top to flatten it out. I used my copy of the Encyclopedia of stitches which is a very hefty tome.

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Friday, 2 December 2016

Save the date - Wedding invitation card cross stitch design.

Save the date - Wedding invitation card cross stitch design.

Why not choose some thread colours which match the wedding colour scheme for this simple cross stitch?
Hello everyone,
This week I had the challenge of creating a Save the date cross stitch card design for my friends wedding. The design had to be fairly small and use only a few colours so that it could be sewn quickly. (since there will be many people who will be receiving this card so it will need to be sewn several times)
I'm not suggesting thread numbers for this one since each wedding will have a different colour scheme to work from. There's space for 2-3 colours in this design so enough for the main theme colours at least.
The last wedding I went to the whole theme was black and white with a little hint of dark blue. Sounds a little boring, I hear you cry! but actually it was so beautiful since most of the black elements were jazzed up on some way with glitter or sparkly black sequins so it looks more classy than monochrome. If your scheme has this element why not try sewing with some metallic thread for a little extra sparkle. :)
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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Sprouts! Just say no! Christmas cross stitch design for sprout haters!

Sprouts! Just say no! Christmas cross stitch design for sprout haters!

Colour Anchor Thread numbers
Green 245
Dark Green 269
Red 334
Grey 234

Hello everyone,

Today I have a cross stitch design for the ever growing numbers of Brussel Sprout haters who somehow have to deal with the little green menace every Christmas! I am told by an American friend that they can sometimes be found at Thanksgiving too, I feel sorry for American sprout haters who have to avoid them at two holidays every year!

This design was requested by my friend who wants to add a little anti sprout messaging to her Christmas decorating. However her sister loves sprouts and wants a design to express a love for sprouts to make into a cushion. I think perhaps these two sisters may be aggressively cross stitching sprout slagans at each other all Christmas!

Please feel free to pop back for the sprout love cross stitch design, I'll post it up here as soon as I have finished drawing it. :)

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Friday, 25 November 2016

Baby shoes in blue, pink and yellow cross stitch design for Baby samplers

Baby shoes in blue, pink and yellow cross stitch design for Baby samplers

Each design is 130 stitches high and 57 stitches wide
On 14 count aida the stitched area will be 9 1/4 inches high and 4 1/8 inches wide. Don't forget to add extra around each edge for a border and finishing.

Colour Anchor Thread numbers
Dark blue 410
Mid blue 140
Lightest blue 160
White 2
Grey 234

Colour Anchor Thread numbers
Dark Pink 41
Mid Pink 26
Lightest Pink 50
White 2
Grey 234

Colour Anchor Thread numbers
Dark yellow 298
Mid yellow 289
Lightest yellow 301
White 2
Grey 234

Hello everyone,

Today I decided to draw a lovely design for a baby sampler. I just couldn't decide what colour to draw it in so just had to do the three classic colours for baby samplers pink, blue and yellow but to be honest it can look good in any colour if you'd like to substitute your threads.

I have had a few requests for things which are pink for girls and blue for boys but I think I'll see if I can do a few more designs which can be done in any colour, like yellow, green and purple since these are also wonderful colours for baby samplers but not so often used as the pastel blues and pinks. After a few of my friends had babies I started to long for a sampler with a different colour scheme. :)

If you'd like an alphabet to add a babies name why not try my fancy Alphabet with whole stitches only - heres a link:

A reference image for this design was found in the public domain at the following link:

For more child friendly cross stitch designs here are some links:

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Our cross stitch surprise box by Jenjen's cross stitch goodies and craft goodies

Hello everyone,

For a long while I had been wondering if there was such a thing as a surprise box for cross stitch fans. I see my friends at work getting their lootcrates and other boxes and wondered if I could order a cross stitch surprise for myself.

It just so happened that la few months ago I stumbled upon the Facebook group Jenjen's cross stitch goodies and craft goodies

Heres a link to the group: Link

This is a wonderful idea and just what I was looking for. All you need to do is join the Facebook group and keep an eye out for the announcements of this months theme. Every month has a different theme so there is something for everyone. Don't worry about missing the announcement it will be posted with a big pretty picture so it will stand out on your Facebook feed. Then, if you are interested in the theme you can buy this months subscription box (more about ordering later) and wait for your gift box to arrive at the end of the month.
One feature I really love is that this is not a subscription box. You only buy the themes you are interested in. So you only get items you'll love and can skip months where you perhaps already have a few items in your stash on this theme.

Last month the theme was Halloween (naturally since its the hot topic of October) so I ordered one surprise box for me and one for my lovely niece Chloe since childrens boxes were also on offer that month. I'm going to say now that I did receive my parcel a few weeks ago but since the page also posts to cross stitch fans in the US I left posting this review until they would have received their parcels so I didn't accidentally spoil the surprise for them, because hey, who likes spoilers?

So without further ado lets take a peek at what came in the package

The adult package

This is all of the items which arrived in the grown up parcel. The wooden keychain did not come pre-embroidered by the way. Chloe and I got so excited that we started sewing on them before I had taken pictures!
I got a lovely cross stitch design called Worried pumpkin by Cariad Cross Stitch designs. The design itself was very clear black and white symbols with a clear grid and a nicely marked center point. (which is vital for those of us who like to start in the middle of a design)

Another highlight of the pack was the hand died piece of Aida, since it was Halloween themed this dye gave the impression of smoke from a witches cauldron or a dark and murky night where monsters play. Since each piece of Aida is unique in its colouring I'm going to save it for a special spooky project.
I'm thinking of using my Haunted House design here Halloween Haunted house silhouette cross stitch design 

I also got a few cross stitch essentials such as bobbins for your thread, a super cute needle minder in the shape of a pumpkin, a spare needle, spare threads (because who has enough of those) a pen for marking designs and some double sided tape.
If that wasn't enough there are also some super cute charms (shown in the right of the picture) and a raffle ticket. For the raffle ticket just keep an eye out for which number is picked on the Facebook page and one lucky winner gets an extra surprise!

The Children's Package

For this pack I'll leave it up to My lovely Niece Chloe to explain whats inside, please bear in mind again that the wooden shape for cross stitching did not come pre-stitched, we just stitched it before remembering to take a photo.

Chloes corner

Hello everyone,
It was a really nice treat when I got my surprise cross stitch parcel from Jenjen's cross stitch goodies and craft goodies. My favourite thing is the wooden shape which has holes in for people to cross stitch. I sewed a little white bone on it since it was Halloween and I thought it would look good with my Halloween outfit.

I also got a piece of dyed aida, its the same colour as Gemmas package but in a bigger size (11 count) so its easier for me to sew. I have already started to sew the Pumpkin cross stitch design on it. I love the pumpkin cross stitch design, its a little spooky but not too scary so I won't frighten my Mum with it. :)

Finally I got some cool things to help me build up my collection.
The Hoop will be very useful, and the threads with some bobbins to store them on. The pink Pumpkin in the picture is a needle minder. I had not used one before, It has a magnet to hold your needle if you need to stop stitching and do chores which happens very often for me! There are also some Halloween charms which are awesome, I put the keyring on my bag and my friends are a little jealous.

Bye bye for now


Ordering was really easy, from the Facebook group just send Jenna message to let her know which one you would like.
Jenna then sends you a Paypal invoice to your email to pay for your package. Don't worry if you have never use a Paypal invoice before they are very easy. Just open up the email, check the details are correct and follow the instructions, the Paypal website walks you through the entire process. Though I must admit it is even easier if you already have a Paypal account set up already.
Then you wait for the advertised posting date and as soon as the postman can get it to you you will have a lovely cross stitching gift to yourself.

Jenna is also super helpful if you have any questions about the items in your box. In the adults box I was actually unsure what the tape was having never used it despite how many cards I make (I won't blame you if you'd like to take away my cross stitching credentials now) However I sent a quick message to Jenna and she saved the day by explaining what it was and what its used for!
I think I'll be giving it a try when I need to finish my next Christmas cards.

Ordering the kids box

I'd like to make a special note about ordering the kids box. Jenna asked for Chloes age and I gave a brief overview of her sewing skill at the moment. Jenna was so lovely by giving me a little preview of the cross stitch design for Chloe's package so I could check that it wouldn't be too difficult for her to sew. That is just such a nice thing so I was sure that she wouldn't be given something beyond her skill at the moment and when I saw it I just knew she would love it. I was so right she has been sewing it for an hour this evening, she sticks her tongue out as she stitches its adorable. :)

The Facebook group itself is a lovely group to be a part of. There are regular updates with beautiful needle minders, cross stitch chart offers and much more just in case you feel like treating yourself.
So if you'd like to join in and see what the next surprise box may be follow this link to Jenjen's cross stitch goodies and craft goodies

I hope you all enjoyed my little overview of the surprise package I received. Its just the thing for stitchers who want a nice treat in their mail box.

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If you are still in the Halloween mood here are some links to some Halloween themed cross stitch


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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Simple cross stitched Christmas gift tag designs

Simple cross stitched Christmas gift tag designs

Hello everyone,

Today is a nice collection of easy cross stitched gift tags to make a start on Christmas preparations. These could also make cute centrepieces for Christmas cards if you have some sweet embellishments to add to them on the card.

No thread numbers today because the colours here are just suggestions, these designs are small enough that you could use some left over thread to sew them or whatever threads you happen to have on hand.

I think I'll sew a few of these to use up a few left over pieces of aida I have around the house. :) I always love thinking of ways to use up small scraps like this. Or maybe I just love another excuse to cross stitch, how about all of you?

I've got a few more Christmas designs coming up to get us all into the festive spirit so come back soon to see some more fun and free cross stitch designs.

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Cute red Mini Cooper - cushion sized cross stitch design

Cute red Mini Cooper - cushion sized cross stitch design

Above is a preview of what the finished design will look like when it is all sewn :D

Colour Anchor Thread numbers
Black 403
Red 335
Light red 1022
Yellow 386
Orange 291
Dark grey 235
Light Grey 847
White 2

Hello everyone,

Today I'd like to share with you all a cross stitch design of one of my favourite cars the Mini Cooper. It is so small and cute I really want one but for now I'll have to make do with the little toy car my nephew for me for my birthday last year. That was super thoughtful of him even if I'd really like the full sized version.

This cross stitch design is made to be in whole stitches without half stitches or French knots and only a small bit of backstitch on the headlights so hopefully its easy enough for even beginners to pick up and have a go.
Changing up the main colour of the car is really simple since I have only used two colours for it. When changing out the colours take the brighter colour and sew that in place of the red on my original design.

The reference image for this cross stitch design can be found here:

Here I'd normally give links to related patterns but I looked through my list and found I actually don't have a vehicles category. Well I must fix that starting with this pattern. I'll make sure to design a few more vehicles for people to sew but for now have a random selection of links :)

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